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Post #9095 District 13

The W. Carl Reed Post is located at:
1121 Gamble Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4284 Little Rock, Arkansas 72214-4284
(501) 225-9849 Canteen. (501) 224-8037 Office. (501) 224-8037 FAX.

Touch A Life... Help Bring Home A Little Closer...


VFW Foundation

VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street, Suite 216

Kansas City, MO 64111

Today, there are more than two million American
heroes active duty military and hospitalized
veterans who as a result of their willingness
to serve, now find themselves separated from
loved ones. These brave individuals struggle
daily with the loneliness that comes from being far from home.


Recognizing that contact with family and friends is vital to their well being, and anxious to help ease the pain of separation, the VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS resolved to bring home a little closer to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for
it. With your donation to
give a valuable gift of time, precious minutes for those
all important personal calls. To help put the call through
simply mail your contribution to


OPERATION UPLINK is an innovative program designed to facilitate the distribution of prepaid
phone cards to hospitalized veterans and active duty military personnel. Practical and personal,these prepaid phone cards ease the financial strain of long distance telephone calls from around the world.

"It is extremely difficult spending an entire year

away from one's family and friends. Being able to call home every once in a while makes the long months bearable." - Soldier stationed in Bosnia.

"By donating a phone call to a service have given us the gift of communication a vital part of life as we know it. The many VFW members worldwide have brightened many soldiers' days."

- Soldier stationed in Bosnia.


OPERATION UPLINK provides an easy way for you to make a personal impact on the lives of these courageous individuals. It's a direct impact as well, because every donation delivers at least a dollar's worth of calling time.

With your help
OPERATION UPLINK makes it possible for a soldier or hospitalized veteran far from home to say Happy Birthday" to a child, phone home on an anniversary, or just call and old friend to help lift their spirits.

OPERATION UPLINK is already making a difference. Thousands of cards have been distributed by VFW Service Officers and in the Military command as well as VFW support staff.
The OPERATION UPLINK pledge is to deliver at least a dollar's worth of calling time for every dollar donated.

You May print this page out and send in a Donation or Write OPERATION UPLINK

Help Ensure This Commitment To America's Veterans Continues!

Yes, I want to help America's heros keep in touch with friends and loved ones!

Please use my donation to OPERATION UPLINK to provide prepaid calling to

provide prepaid calling time for active duty military personnel and hospitalized veterans.

Amount Enclosed ______ $15_____ $25_____ $50 _____ Other $ ___________


Address ___________________________________________________________

City________________________________ State _____________Zip __________

Credit card: ____Visa ____Master card ____ Discover ____

Card No. _____________________________Expiration date ________________

Signature __________________________________________________________

Send to: OPERATION UPLINK VFW Foundation, VFW National Headquarters,

P.O. Box 119013 Kansas City, MO 64171-9013 Please make checks payable to:

"VFW Foundation"


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For More Information E-Mail Ron Helton here.

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