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Post #9095 District 13

The W. Carl Reed Post is located at:
1121 Gamble Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4284 Little Rock, Arkansas 72214-4284
(501) 225-9849 Canteen. (501) 224-8037 Office. (501) 224-8037 FAX.


Burial Benefits Insurance Program This plan will help members' families to pay for funeral and burial costs. Members and spouses age 40-80 are guaranteed acceptance, with no health questions asked. The benefits range from $1,000 burial benefits on the standard plan, up to $5,000 burial benefits with the deluxe plan. Benefits are doubled for accidental death and tripled for motor vehicle accidental death.

Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance Program This One Step Term Life Insurance plan is economical, and easy to enroll in. To apply for coverage, just complete the application. A medical examination isn't required. Once you are enrolled, Your Premiums Will Not Increase Due To your age And Your Benefits Will Never Decrease. Also, this plan pays benefits in addition to any other life insurance you may have and your spouse is eligible to apply for coverage's well.

$1,000/1,500 Personal Accident Protection Plan provided by The VFW at No Cost to Members Effective January 1, 1993, every VFW member in good standing is covered for $1,000/$1,500 Personal Accident protection at no Cost to the member. Under the "all risk" part of this plan, members under age 70 are insured for $1,000; members age 70-74 are insured for $500 and members age 75 and older are insured for $250. An additional $1,500 benefit is payable to members under age 70, if death due to a covered accident occurs while the member is a fare paying passenger on any public conveyance for hire while traveling to, from or while attending any VFW-Sponsored event. Members age 70-74 receive $750 and members age 75 and older receive $375 in additional benefits. The maximum benefit payable is $2,500. Ask your Post Quartermaster for a Beneficiary designation form to assure that benefits are paid to the person or persons of your choice. Without this Form on file at national Headquarters, benefits are paid to your estate,which could make them a taxable item.

$25,000, $50,000 Or $100,000 Voluntary Personal Accident Protection In addition to your $1,000/$1,500 basic No Cost coverage, You may enroll for additional VFW-Sponsored personal accident Protection at economical group rates. This Plan protects you `round-the-clock' anywhere in the world.Benefits are paid for covered accidental death or dismemberment within one year of the date of the accident.Family coverage is also available. The benefit amount you choose reduces by 50% at age 70 and an additional 50% at age75.

Medicare Supplement plans the VFW sponsors three new Medicare Supplement insurance plans which meet all the requirements of recent legislation and fulfills your insurance needs. These plans are not yet available in all states but call or write the VFW for more information on your state plan and its availability.

Up To $50,000 Group Term Life Insurance Most members under age 76 may apply for up to $15,000 in simplified Issue Benefits at economical group rates. Once insured, the member may apply for Spouse and/or eligible dependent child or (children) coverage, and (depending on age) may apply for up to $50,000 in additional coverage.

Hospital Benefit Plan VFW members under age 65 may apply for one of six daily benefit options: $20, $40, $60, $80, $100 or $150 A-Day. Members age 65 or over have three daily benefit options to choose from: $20, $40 or $60 A-Day. Spouse and/or dependent child or (children) coverage is also available.

Up To $55,260 Cash Value Life Insurance Depending on age, a member or spouse can apply for up to $55,260 in benefits, with double benefits paid for accidental death before age 65. This is whole life insurance which builds cash value. A member or spouse under age 65 are guaranteed acceptance for one unit of coverage.

National Life Insurance A member or spouse may apply for up to $65,105 of decreasing term life insurance while under age 60. When you reach age60, you canelect coverage under a special Plan which becomes paid-up with no further payments after age 69. Dependent child or (children) coverage is also available

Cancer Expense Assistance Plan This Plan provides scheduled benefits to help with the cost of treating cancer. You are guaranteed acceptance if you have never had cancer, regardless of age. Hospital, nursing,chemotherapy, doctor, drugs, surgery and other costs a recovered up to the limits of the policy.

Post Accident Plan This Plan pays a lump sum benefit for loss of life and/or limb due to an accident. Posts have a choice of two Plans to choose from with annual payments as low as $1.65 per member.Available through your Post.

CAMPUS Supplement Plan The CAMPUS Supplement Plan, available to CAMPUS eligible members, their spouses and dependent children, was designed to pay most, if not all, of the deductible, co-payments and other allowable charges not covered by CHAMPUS. The retiree plan offers coverage for eligible members, their spouses and dependent children. The Active-Duty Dependent Plan offers coverage for eligible dependents of Active-Duty members. Each Plan offers a selection of Inpatient and Out-patient coverage or inpatient coverage only. Eligible members and/or their eligible dependents are guaranteed acceptance in this outstanding Plan.

$1-A-Week Term Life and Accidental Life insurance members and spouses age 40-74 are guaranteed acceptance forup to 5 units, a total of $52,000, depending on age, of combined term life and accidental death insurance for $1 a week per unit. The rate will not increase and the benefits will not decrease. As long as you continue to pay the premium, this very economical insurance stays in force until age 80.

Birthday Life Insurance Plan This insurance plan provides three way life insurance protection for one economical rate that members and spouses age 40 through 80 can lock-in for life at " pre-birthday rates " Once enrolled, members are covered by a whole life benefit that builds cash value, an accidental death benefit that pays twice the whole life face amount and a motor vehicle accidental death benefit that pays triple the whole life face amount. The rate never goes up and the benefits never go down with coverage renewable for life.

Hospital Insurance Plan VFW members, spouses and all dependent children are guaranteed acceptance for this plan that pays $50.00,$100.00 or $150.00 a day hospital benefits and $20.00 a shift for nurse-at-home care. If member and spouse are both simultaneously hospitalized due to the same accident, each receives double benefits for up to two years, when under age 65. Double benefits are also payable for confinement in an intensive care unit of a hospital.

Return of Premium Cancer Insurance plan any VFW member or spouse who has never been diagnosed with cancer can enroll for this insurance plan. This coverage provides 11 important supplemental benefits to help pay the cost of cancer care in and out of the hospital, including hospital, surgery, radiation, private nursing, and more. If after ten consecutive years you never need to use this coverage, you receive a full refund of all premiums paid.

VFW-Sponsored Intensive Care Unit/ Coronary Care Unit This plan is available to members and spouses age 18-80. The insurance plan pays $225.00 a day for CCU and ICU stays each. Benefits are also paid for ambulance services associated with the CCU or ICU stay. And because this is supplemental coverage, benefits are paid over and above any other coverage you have.

VFW-Sponsored Juvenile Life This supplemental insurance plan is available to member's children or grandchildren age 3 months to 15 years. The insurance plan starts with $5,000.00 in coverage, and doubles when the child turns 21. At age 21, the child can then purchase $20,000.00 of additional coverage at the rate for that age. At age 28 another $20,000.00 can be added at the premium for a 28 year old. In effect, the coverage " grows " along with your child or grandchild, with no increase in premium until age 21.

VFW-Sponsored Hospital Accident Plan The VFW-Sponsored Hospital Accident Insurance Plan was designed just for that purpose. This supplemental coverage provides cash benefits if hospitalized due to an accident for members and spouses age 18-80. Benefits are reduced 50% for children and those over age 65. Benefit amounts start at $100.00 per day and go up to $400.00 per day.

VFW-Sponsored Accidental Death & Dismemberment This supplemental Insurance plan is available to members and their spouses, ages 18-75, and their children. The coverage offers two family options, with a maximum benefit of $500,000.00. Benefits reduce 50% on the Insured's 80th birthday.

VFW Sponsored Vehicle Insurance Plan 10% discount for members over age 50. 15% discount for safe, mature drivers of low mileage vehicles. 5% discount given automatically after 3 years of no-fault accidents. Up to 15% lower combined premium for insuring more than one vehicle.

VFW members can receive a free, no- obligation price quote by calling, Toll-Free: 1-800-847-2886.

VFW Home Insurance Plan Meets the VFW's high standards for expanded features and reliable economy. Automatic inflation protection, which protects your home and belongings from rising costs. Increased protection for personal property $100,000 in additional liability for you and your family "Thrifty fifty" 10% discount for people 50 years or older if you own a condo or rent Underwritten by National General Insurance Company, a general Motors Insurance Company Rated A+ (superior) by A.M. Best Company, one of America's leading insurance company analysts Over 4,000 claims representatives nationwide for more information and availability call toll-free 1-800-VIP-SAFE (1-800-847-7233).

VFW Travel Service VFW members can enjoy the benefits of travel-related services and savings by calling one toll-free number. You will be assured of the best available air fares, hotel rates, and car rental prices. VFW travel service will assist you with: Complete travel arrangements for business or vacation travel Special package tours, both domestic and international Discounts on Amtrak travel for more information, write: to :

VFW Travel Service, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, Mo 64111, or call Toll Free: 1-800-325-9377, anywhere within the Continental U.S. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., central time, any business day.

VFW-Sponsored Purchase Power Benefits All VFW members are eligible for these outstanding consumer benefits, which let you save money and get special perks when you buy products for your household or for gifts. Enjoy impressive savings on the national brand merchandise you'll buy anyway (not limited selections).

sports equipment major appliances golf equipment health care sewing machines magazine subscriptions
musical instruments furniture & lighting china, crystal & flatware jewelry cars/vans/ pickups
luggage vacuums health care home electronics hearing aids

- More categories are being added!

Your purchases are overseen by a major consumer organization, so you're protected: Most purchases of $150 or more are covered by a powerful double-the-difference lowest price guarantee,meaning that if you buy and find the item for less elsewhere (even through another form of discount buying) within 30 days, you'll be
paid double the difference in price.

You will receive
double the repair period of your manufacturer's warranty (except on vehicles) at no charge, even on items you don't buy through the plan! VFW works on your behalf as a Veteran.
Purchase Power works on your behalf as a consumer. To receive your special ID numbers and kit, send your $6 annual processing fee (check or money order) to:
VFW Purchase Power 406 West 34th Street Kansas City, Mo 64111VFW-Sponsored Discount Eye wear Program VFW Members and their dependents can save 20% to 60% off retail eye wear prices and 20% on contact lenses and other items.

There are over 6,000 locations nationwide that participate in this program through special arrangements with Eye Care Plan of America (ECPA). Most Sears, Montgomery Ward, J.C. Penney and Royal Optical Centers are ECP Alocations. For other ECPA chain and independent locations, call Toll-Free: 1-800-841-1220. There's no registration fee to take advantage of this service and no application to fill out.
A VFW membership card is all you need.

Discount Moving Services Through special arrangements with and atlas van lines, VFW members can take advantage of the benefits and discounts normally reserved for large companies on interstate moves. Call north American van lines Toll-Free: 1-800-397-3700 to find out how you can save up to 45% on your interstate move, plus take advantage of the FREE evaluation package. VFW members can get a "Free Estimate" and take advantage of the"Full Value Protection" Program and receive up to 50% savings. . VFW VISA Card Through special arrangement with First USA Bank, members may now take advantage of the no annual fee VFW VISA or visa gold cards with a low variable rate. Designed especially for VFW members, the VFW VISA" Cards are among the best credit card values on the market today. To request an application,call TOLL-FREE: 1-800-FIRST-USA (1-800-347-7887) AMOCO Motor Club VFW members can now join the Amoco Motor Club and have savings and peace of mind at home and on the road! You'll receive. 25% discount off regular membership on the first year's enrollment. One of the finest emergency road and towing services available by calling toll-free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all 50 states. up to 60% hotel and motel discounts, maps and trip routing designating the fastest or most scenic route to your destination at no additional charge, lost key/lockout protection. Car rental savings, and much more, including a single toll free number for answers to questions about your membership. All you have to do is call 1-800-992-2VFW to take advantage of this special offer. (New memberships not available to residents of California). These fine Voluntary Member Benefits are available to each and every member of the VFW. We hope you'll agree that our package of services and benefits is among the best, if not the best, available through any other organization. Your Guarantee Of Quality These VFW-Sponsored Member Benefits have met the requirements of National Headquarters for quality, fair pricing and service after the sale, and are the only programs of their kind to be awarded the Official VFW Seal of Approval.

Last updated on May 29, 1998

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