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Post #9095 District 13

The W. Carl Reed Post is located at:
1121 Gamble Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4284 Little Rock, Arkansas 72214-4284
(501) 225-9849 Canteen. (501) 224-8037 Office. (501) 224-8037 FAX.

Lost Comrades
Our Members who we have lost contact with this past year.

The following is a list of  VFW  Post  #9095 members with whom we have lost contact. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these lost comrades and inactive members is encouraged to let us know so we may contact them and reinstate them to active membership in the VFW and Post #9095. A strong, active membership is our best voice to be heard by Congress. The old saying about strength in numbers is no greater a truth than it is with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Stay active with your membership. And Let The Veterans Voice Be Heard!

Veteran Member Name - - Last Known Address - - Last Contact
Rudy Alvarado Little Rock, AR 1997
John E. Bradford Little Rock, AR 1997
Marvin E. Branham Little Rock, AR 1997
Ruth Britton Little Rock, AR 1997
Robert R. Brown Little Rock, AR 1998
Rosie L. Clark Little Rock, AR 1998
Joe B. Clements Little Rock, AR 1998
Ronald L. Clesi Little Rock, AR 1998
Carl E. Curlee Little Rock, AR 1998
David D. Curtis Sanford, NC 1998
Alan C. Davis Little Rock, AR 1998
Oved B. Dennis Alexander, AR 1998
Charles W. Diller Little Rock, AR 1997
Michael A. Dossett Yakima, WA 1997
David R. Dubois Little Rock, AR 1998
Harvey Evans Little Rock, AR 1998
Charles W. Fleming Little Rock, AR 1998
Gregory Garfield Little Rock, AR 1998
Charles T. Gleason Lawton,OK 1998
Roy D. Hardwick Little Rock, AR 1998
Mark L. House Little Rock, AR 1998
Arthur H. Hubner Little Rock, AR 1998
Ernest L. Landon Jacksonville, AR 1998
Bobby J. Lambert Little Rock, AR 1998
Clyde Lee Lovell Little Rock, AR 1998
David C. Lyles Las Vegas, AR 1997
DE C. Ketzscher Little Rock, AR 1998
Gilbert R. McCalla Little Rock, AR 1998
James V. Mercer Russellville, AR 1998
William L. Payne Fairfield Bay, AR 1998
Charles J. Rowan Little Rock, AR 1997
Joe Stone Little Rock, AR 1997
George E. Wilson Little Rock, AR 1997
Transfers Post Location Year
James F. Brown Hot Springs, AR 1998
Leonard Harper Jacksonville, AR 1998



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