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Post #9095 District 13

The W. Carl Reed Post is located at:
1121 Gamble Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4284 Little Rock, Arkansas 72214-4284
(501) 225-9849 Canteen. (501) 224-8037 Office. (501) 224-8037 FAX.

Information on POW-MIA's was obtained at the

From   SCOPE SYSTEMS - Worldwide Industrial Electronics
Repair & Services ( USA )

POW/MIA Data & Bios supplied by the P.O.W. NETWORK Skidmore, MO. USA


Loss Date   Last Name   First Name   Branch   Country   DOB   State   Town
10/18/67 BARR JOHN F USN NVN 03/31/34 AR HOPE
12/29/64   BENNETT   HAROLD G   ARMY   SVN   10/16/40   AR   PERRYVILLE
09/30/65   *CHESNUTT   CHAMBLESS M   USAF   NVN   08/13/34   AR   LITTLE ROCK
12/21/72   DARR   CHARLES E   USAF   NVN   02/25/44   AR   LITTLE ROCK
04/12/69   *DE SOTO   ERNEST L   USAF   SVN   12/30/31   AR   MANNING
03/13/68   EVANS   CLEVELAND JR   USMC   SVN   11/22/45   AR   HOT SPRINGS
12/21/72   ELLIOTT   ROBERT T   USAF   LAOS   12/18/48   AR   EL DORADO
02/05/68   GODWIN   SOLOMON H   USMC   SVN   01/24/35   AR   HOT SPRINGS
02/07/68   HOLT   JAMES W   ARMY   SVN   09/19/41   AR   HOT SPRINGS
06/30/70   JENKINS   PAUL L   USAF   LAOS   05/11/30   AR   MC GHEE
05/22/68   KNEBEL   THOMAS E   USAF   LAOS   06/11/47   AR   MIDWAY
05/06/66   LAMAR   JAMES L   USAF   NVN   09/18/27   AR   EUDORA
05/22/68   MASON   WILLIAM H   USAF   LAOS   10/12/24   AR   CAMDEN
05/15/75   MAXWELL   JAMES R   USMC   CAMBODIA   02/20/57   AR   CENTER RIDGE
08/10/65   *MAILHES   LAWRENCE SCOTT   USN   SVN/OW   12/16/40   AR   HOT SPRINGS
03/01/69   MERONEY   VIRGIL K   USAF   LAOS   05/22/43   AR   FAYETTEVILLE
04/22/61   MOON   WALTER H   ARMY   LAOS   03/31/23   AR   RUDY
11/10/67   MORGAN   JAMES S   USAF   NVN   08/17/28   AR   EL DORADO
08/07/66   *MORAN   RICHARD ALLAN   USN   SVN/OW   01/27/36   AR   FORT SMITH
10/29/71   * OAKLEY   LINUS LABIN   USAF   SVN   10/14/49   AR   CARTHAGE
01/18/68   ROEHRICH   RONALD L   USN   NVN/OW   11/16/41   AR   SPRINGDALE
11/03/70   SHEWMAKE   JOHN D. SR   ARMY   SVN   05/15/33   AR   ADONA
07/23/66   * SMITH   WILLIAM W   USAF   SVN   01/15/34   AR   SEARCY
02/06/68   TRAVIS   LYNN M.   USN   SVN/OW   05/25/41   AR   NEWPORT
11/19/67   TEAGUE   JAMES E.   USN   NVN   07/23/43   AR   HARRISBURG
08/29/65   * TAYLOR   EDD DAVID   USN   NVN   02/22/39   AR   KENSETT
02/03/66   WALLER   THERMAN M.   USAF   SVN   02/09/43   AR   WYNNE
06/14/71   WILSON   RICHARD JR.   ARMY   SVN   11/08/52   AR   CRAWFORDSVILLE

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While looking at various Links, researching for these pages. I found a site that
expressed my feelings on remembering these POW/MIAs.
Click here The Wall wav file by Tim Murphy express's My Feelings Perfectly. I hope you do Act now for these Men and Women who cannot act, in their behalfs for their freedom and families. Only You who are reading and viewing this can do something to help them! Just click on the Adopt A POW/MIA Now picture above, and Thank-You.
The Wall
by Tim Murphy
"And every name's a father or a husband or a son or a daughter or a brother or a cousin to someone or a name may be a classmate or a friend you may recall there's nearly sixty thousand fallen names still waiting at the wall."(Copyright 1985)

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All Biographical and loss information on POWs was obtained at Operation Just Cause On-line and have been supplied by Chuck and Mary Schantag
of POWNET. Please check with
POWNET regularly for updates on Information and graphics. Thank you to all those
who graiously donated their beautiful graphics to those online who need th
em and care. Thank-You

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